About me & my blogs!

Thank you so much for visiting my website, which at the moment, is most definitely in its infancy stage!  I’m a bit of a ‘techno-phobe’ and now I’m into my 40’s, I just don’t get technology like I used to (like when my eight-year old had to show me how to search YouTube on the new TV!) but its all very exciting and I’ll just learn as I go!

I hope to be adding lots more content over the coming months, anything and everything to do with everyday life and having a child with AS (Autistic Spectrum).  I hope to add things such as Gluten & Dairy free recipes, tools I have used to help plan big events like holidays and starting school, different therapies we have tried, getting a dog (and whether that has helped), and of course sharing our story of how we managed to put the breaks on our daughter’s autism with dietary intervention.

I’m certainly no expert on this subject, I’m just a regular mum of two beautiful children and one dog and wife to a wonderful husband who (he won’t mind me saying) struggles to understand this different world of AS.  So, I’m learning as I go… and I’m certainly no Nigella when it comes to cooking – so that should be a laugh!
I wanted to share our story and experiences in the hope it could help someone else… so please, share, like, tweet and whatever else you do in the world of Social Media!

Hope you enjoy xxmothersdaugter logo
Love & Hugs, Mother’s Daughter xx