What on earth is Reiki? Turning to Reiki to get away from it all…


Last week was a bit of a tough week, so I decided to take some time out for some pure relaxation by booking myself a 90 minute Reiki & Massage session with Michelle at Fairy Heart Therapies.  This treatment was called ‘Luxury Healing Heaven’. Already I was sold!

Michelle practices her Reiki, Massage and Hynotherapy sessions from a pretty little cabin at the bottom of her garden.  It’s décor and warmth as you enter, is so welcoming and perfect for the treatment she delivers.

I had no idea what to expect, but I always go into these sorts of things with an open mind. I’ve tried a couple of ‘things before… Kinesiology & Aromatherapy – back in the day when it was really trendy!

The first half of my treatment was the massage, and boy, it really was ‘heavenly’!  I think I started to relax within a couple of minutes – I’ve never been so quiet! This was a gentle, relaxing back, neck and head massage using coconut oil, slowly rubbing away any tension I might be storing up.  Definitely a far cry from the sports massages I have had in the past where I spend most of the appointment cursing very loudly! Don’t expect a relaxing experience if you ever go for one of those!

After my back and neck, Michelle moved onto my facial using some beautiful smelling products such as Palmarose Facial Wash, Calendula Cleanser, Rose Facial Polish, Facial Mask, Rose Toner, White Tea Eye Gel and Palmarsoa Moisturiser.

Once I had my face mask slathered on, Michelle began to start the Reiki practice. I thought I was already completely relaxed, but I was about to chill out even more!

So, what on earth is Reiki?

Our bodies experience different energies and emotions both positive and negative. However, our body has a much harder job of freeing negative feelings which can create ‘blockages’ – this is where Reiki can help.  When in deep relaxation, the healing powers of Reiki allow the body to release those heavy energies such as grief, fear, anxiety and feelings of depression – to name just a few.  Healing hands are placed over a Chakra on the body to allow energy to flow in and out of the body.

What’s a Chakra?

How I understand it (and in very simple terms), your body is made up of energy sources called Chakras.  There are seven Chakras running through the body from the crown of the head to the base of the spine.  Each Chakra has its own a function within its part of the body.

Still sounds weird?  Well, think about what you do when you’re in pain. I’m betting that you instinctively hold onto the part of the body that is hurting, whether that be holding your head to soothe a headache or maybe rubbing your tummy because it is sore.  You are practicing self-healing on yourself without even knowing it!

So, in a nutshell, Reiki is the transfer of energy from one person to another to promote healing and well-being in your spirit, body and mind.  There is so much more information available about the practice, but here is as far as my understanding needs to go – I just trust the process!

During the Reiki,  I felt like I was on the edge of sleep, but not quite asleep.  I did that thing where your body moves involuntarily (like you’ve fallen off a pavement) and I even snorted a couple of times!  My mind felt free of thought and from what I can remember, I could just see colours behind my eyelids and could hear the relaxing music.  I could feel heat from Michelle’s hands as she moved down my Chakras.  I could feel and hear what was going on, but couldn’t quite pull myself from this dreamlike state.  It was glorious!

Once Michelle had finished the Reiki part, she gently removed my face mask using warm flannels down each of my face to soothe and smooth away the mask. This was finished with toner and moisturiser.

By the time I was asked to sit up slowly, I was so calm and relaxed, I never wanted to leave the warmth of the cabin!

Michelle talked me through what she had picked up from my session, some of which was spookily correct. Michelle also picked up a very strong spiritual energy from my ‘third eye’ Chakra, which she suspected was my Mum’s presence, which was very reassuring to hear.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this type of treatment, whatever state of mind or health you may be in, but especially if you are feeling a little overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, in pain or maybe not ‘quite right’.

Since my treatment, I have certainly felt more grounded, calm and feel like I have more clarity of thought. I’ve already booked another session with Michelle, and I can’t wait.

You can find out about Michelle at Fairy Heart Therapies by visiting: http://www.FairyHeartTherapies.co.uk

Much love,

Tales of a Mother’s Daughter

Hey! Long time no see!


Hi everyone – first of all ‘Happy New Year’.  Yes, it may be Jan 25th, but it’s the first time I have signed onto my blog this year.  Shocking!  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, its just I haven’t had the time!  Poor excuse I know, that old chestnut “I don’t have time”.

There have been so many things I’ve wanted to blog about over the past few months.  Christmas was interesting this year.  Not quite as stressful as other years, but that’s because daughter spent most of the time in her room watching re-runs of Coronation Street (her new obsession!).  So it was actually pretty chilled/boring!

We’ve had mobile phone woes, and finally, we had to make the decision to remove the bloody thing altogether for fear of it being used inappropriately.  This didn’t go down well for a while, but now daughter doesn’t even mention it!

So, what have I been up to the last few months?  Well – basically, my brain has been consumed by all things ‘social media’ the last few months… more than it has ever been before.  Having started a Social Media Manager course in September, I am constantly on my phone, looking for content, checking for followers/unfollowers and trying to think of  useful/amusing things to post.  I’m also learning all the many tools; Buffer, Trello, Pocket, Pexels, Buzzsumo, Scoop (that’s a very small sample) and trying to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to running social media for a client.

The client I am working for on the course is… ME!  I am doing a Wellbeing campaign about taking small, achievable steps to better wellbeing.  The idea for this came from my experience in the weeks leading up to my mum passing away.  Spending every day for a month at the hospital meant my diet and exercise went to shit – and rightly so.  I had much more important things going on to worry about drinking green smoothies and fitting in a workout.  This all started at the beginning of the year (two years ago), so being tagged onto Christmas, I’d had a good three months of eating junk and drinking wine and by mid-March I was feeling awful.

Whilst I didn’t have the inclination to do exercise or eat better, I knew I had to for my wellbeing.  Otherwise, I know I would’ve gone downhill. So, I made small changes in the right direction –  stopped drinking (only for a month) and ate proper meals made of ‘real food’  instead of chocolate and processed crap.  My body started to respond and I lost the excess weight and felt a little better in myself… apart from the grief I was feeling, that is a much longer process and one that never truly ends.

So, when it came to picking a campaign to run, this is what I chose to do… and this has been consuming my life day and night since the campaign went live on January 1st!   I’ve been doing some vlogs on my Tales of a Mother’s Daughter Facebook page and pop a few things up on Instagram and Twitter, but I have truly neglected this blog, which is something I love doing.

I hope in the Spring (once the training is over) to look at this website and the content I share and give it a shake-up.  I’d like to incorporate some of the subjects I’ve been covering in my campaign – Wellbeing, Mental Health, Exercise, Food, Body Positivity, Mindfulness… along with the other Mum woes I normally chat about!

I look forward to sharing the upgrade with you all.

I’m off now to fill up my Twitter feed with content for the campaign (‘Somerset State of Mind’ in case you were wondering!) … and I hope to be back very soon – bigger and better.

Love and hugs


Tales of a Mother’s Daughter



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