Research on Yeast Intolerance… OMG!! (Blog #18)

As you may have seen, on Friday we had our YorkTest results back for Ellie which indicated she had a Yeast intolerance. 

First of all, how naive was I to flippantly say “I can do Yeast”, thinking it would be a case of withdrawing bread and a few other things! I mean, she’s already Wheat, Gluten, Dairy and Soya free… surely this can’t be too bad! Wrong! It’s found in vinegar which is in bloody everything! Well, anything you might want to put on top of your dinner… and Ellie loves ketchup and salad cream! There are also a whole host of foods that aggravate the Yeast production in the gut! 

So, as I do research on what I can and can’t give Ellie to eat I look up the symptoms of Yeast intolerance. 

Whilst some of the obvious ones don’t particularly ring true, the Neurological symptoms were spot on! 

I’ve always known that there was a strong link between the gut and the brain but couldn’t believe that with the exception of headaches – Ellie is suffering with all of those other symptoms. 

For a while we had put it down to hormones with her being a near teenager and autism playing a part, but it had got so bad, I had a ‘gut feeling’ 😉 that something wasn’t right.  It got so bad last night that I was in tears to a friend on the phone considering counselling or medication for Ellie. 

This morning Ellie has woken up all sunshine again, but she can literally change like a light switch to a screaming, crying, self deprecating mess. 

Whilst I don’t think this will be some kind of miracle cure, I’m so glad we have taken the test so we can start the process of making Ellie’s gut a little better. 

Now I’d better ring for that Nutritional Therapist appointment! 

Until next time, 

Love and hugs xxx

Author: Linda Meek

So, I've started a blog... mainly about everyday things... usually to do with Austism (Aspergers) and having a Tween with it. I'm blogging for me, as a form of therapy I suppose, but if I can help anyone out there, then that would be amazing. I'm a mother of two beautiful kids... who give a lot of joy and laughter and also drive me up the wall! Thank god for wine, that's all I can say!

2 thoughts on “Research on Yeast Intolerance… OMG!! (Blog #18)”

  1. Really interesting read. I would recommend an initial chat with Nutritionist Solveig Curran. If you don’t already know her I will more than happily pass on her details to you. She lives locally and will happily arrange to see you both if that’s what you wanted. x


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